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We’re all about creating efficiencies in your everyday operations. We put decades of experience to work for you, offering business strategies and group purchasing solutions tailored to your unique needs. Membership means access to extraordinary resources: seasoned professionals, friendly consultants and thousands of the products and supplies you rely on daily — at prices that benefit your bottom line.

Family Practice

Top Items for Family Practice

  1. Exam table paper
  2. Sterile luer-lock syringe
  3. Hypodermic needle
  4. Phlebotomy sharps container
  5. Hba1c test cartridge for afinion
  6. Sterile prep pads
  7. Depo-medrol
  8. Urine reagent strips
  9. Powder-free nitrile exam gloves
  10. Group a strep dipstick test
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Internal Medicine

Top Items for Internal Medicine

  1. Exam table paper
  2. Tissue drape sheets
  3. Hba1c test cartridge for afinion
  4. Depo-medrol
  5. Curad latex exam gloves
  6. Urine reagent strips
  7. Vaginal speculum
  8. Sterile prep pads
  9. Sterile luer-lock syringe
  10. Kenalog injection
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Top Items for Cardiology

  1. Powder-free nitrile exam gloves
  2. Sterile luer-lock syringe
  3. Sodium chloride injection solution
  4. Disposable tissue pillowcase
  5. Exam table paper
  6. Tissue exam capes
  7. Ekg diagnostic tab electrode
  8. Tissue drape sheets
  9. Sterile prep pads
  10. Hypodermic needle
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Top Items for WHAPPA

  1. Tissue drape sheets
  2. Exam table paper
  3. Pregnancy test
  4. Vaginal speculum
  5. Ob/gyn swab with rayon tip
  6. Powder-free nitrile exam gloves
  7. Facial tissue
  8. Lubricating jelly
  9. Urine reagent strips
  10. Surgical lubricant
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Top Items for Urology

  1. Sterile luer-lock syringe
  2. Tissue drape sheets
  3. Powder-free nitrile exam gloves
  4. Sterile tissue drapes
  5. Exam table paper
  6. Specimen collector pan
  7. Facial tissue
  8. Lubricating jelly
  9. Disposable tissue pillowcase
  10. Vaginal speculum
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Other Specialties

Other Specialties

  1. Addiction medicine
  2. Allergy & immunology
  3. Anesthesiology
  4. Chiropractor
  5. Clinical genetics
  6. Dentistry
  7. Dermatology
  8. Diagnostic radiology
  9. Emergency medicine
  10. Endocrinology, diabetes & metabolism
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Equipment Sold


    Tissue drape sheets


    Exam table paper


    Sterile luer-lock syringe


    Pregnancy test

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Latest News

BMG Customer Update from our President & COO (July 2022)
We wanted to update our customers on all the work going on behind the scenes to drive even more savings in the second half of the year.

Blackmaple Group’s (BMG) portfolio of some 14,000+ providers nationwide has been fully integrated into Provista, our new GPO partner (Provista purchased Intalere last year). As part of this effort, more than 75 contracts so far have been aggregated — meaning that you will see price reductions purely because you’re part of BMG and benefit from our volumes. And we’re not done yet: we’re negotiating with over a dozen more vendors to give our members exclusive pricing based on volume, and will be sharing new contracts and agreements in the coming weeks. You can only get this pricing because you’re a member of Blackmaple Group. Broadly, we expect this effort to save customers even more, and act as a hedge against some inflation we’re seeing in the marketplace. This is all in addition to the best-in-class pricing our customers enjoy on Medline branded products, which continues to be hugely popular with our customers.
But it won’t stop there. With Provista in our corner, we’re now able to offer both more contracts and more items in those contracts to our customers. And, as our buying power as a group grows every day, so does our ability to advocate for you in getting better pricing through aggregation and in sourcing sometimes-scarce items. And, with our WHAAPA women’s health portfolio, we’re also developing best practices in women’s health working in partnership with leading physicians and administrators.
We’re well aware that you have a choice in your purchasing partners. We’re confident that the combination of BMG, Medline, and now Provista continues to be the highest value partnership out there for our customers. And, we’re happy to prove it through business reviews, cost studies, and tier optimization. If you’d like to speak to our team about that, please reach out to our Director of Engagement, Nili Gold at or 866-783-0033 x710. Nili can also help with members who may be receiving this message but want to expand their participation beyond a few items, like IUDs. And if there’s another person on your team you’d like to receive these materials, please reply to this message and we’ll update our database.
Please be on the lookout for more contracts coming soon, as well as compliance letters to come over the summer. And, thank you for your continuing support.
Marc A. Cooper
President & COO
I can sign up for Medline and/or Provista directly. Why do I need BMG?
Because it’s the only way you can benefit from our contract aggregation. What we do is combine the buying power of over 14,000 providers to drive down unit costs, using Provista contracts and Medline products and distribution. If you join those programs without BMG, your pricing won’t reflect our volumes and you won’t be able to benefit from BMG’s own direct contracts either.

What does it cost me to join the program?
Nothing. We make our money through Safe Harbor, earning a small percentage of every purchase through agreements with the manufacturers. And, we report this amount to customers every year. It’s free to join.
I only buy a few products through your program. How do I see what else you can do?
We have a number of customers who join our program – often through WHAAPA for women’s health – for access to our pricing for a few specialty products, like IUDs. But our portfolio is much wider, and covers medical-surgical, office supplies, and more. To find out what savings are available for those items, please contact Nili.